Enchanting Corfu: A Tailored Journey of Discovery

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Enchanting Corfu Tour: A Tailored Journey of Discovery (6 hours)

Discover the Lush Beauty of Corfu with a Bespoke Private Tour by Charitos Travel

Corfu, known as Kerkyra in Greek, stands out as the greenest island in Greece, offering a tapestry of dazzling landscapes, rich history, and vibrant culture. Prepare for an unparalleled journey by packing your camera, wearing comfortable attire, and bringing along essentials like a beach towel and swimsuit for an immersive experience in Corfu’s natural beauty.

Tailor-Made Exploration with Charitos Travel

Embark on a custom private tour of Corfu, meticulously crafted to suit your preferences. Whether you’re drawn to the majestic Achilleion Palace, the Venetian charm of Corfu Town, the serene Monastery of Virgin Mary, or the quaint villages dotting the island, our personalized itinerary promises a unique adventure. Charitos Travel guarantees an intimate exploration of Corfu’s celebrated landmarks and hidden gems, guided by locals who share insider knowledge and a genuine love for their homeland.

Highlights of Your Corfu Adventure
  • Agni Bay: Nestled on the northeast coast, this idyllic fishing village offers a glimpse into authentic island life. Delight in the serene beaches, indulge in exquisite seafood at Nikolas’ Taverna, and embrace the laid-back atmosphere.
  • Cape Drastis: Witness the stunning beauty of Corfu’s northern tip. Despite its occasional accessibility challenges, the breathtaking views at sunset are not to be missed.
  • Corfu Old Town: A UNESCO World Heritage site, the old town is a mosaic of historic Venetian architecture, bustling squares, and sacred sites. Don’t miss the Venetian Well for a memorable dining experience amidst history.
  • Vlacherna Monastery: An iconic landmark on its own islet, accessible via a picturesque causeway. Nearby, the allure of Mouse Island beckons.
  • St. George’s Church: This architectural marvel, resembling a Doric temple, offers a unique blend of history and culture within the Old Fortress.
  • Canal d’Amour: A romantic highlight in Sidari, surrounded by local legends of love and commitment.
  • Culinary Delights: Savor the rich flavors of Corfiot cuisine, from traditional lamb dishes to the delightful Sykomaïtha, a local fig cake.
  • Loggas Beach Sunset: Experience one of the island’s most spectacular sunsets, with options to enjoy from the beach or a clifftop café.
  • Porto Timoni Beach: A secluded paradise perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and unwinding in nature’s embrace.
  • Achilleion Palace: Explore the opulent residence of Austrian royalty, now welcoming visitors to marvel at its splendor.
  • Palaiokastritsa: A picturesque village steeped in myth, offering serene beaches and historical sites like the ancient monastery.

This bespoke tour is thoughtfully arranged by Charitos Travel, ensuring a seamless and enriching experience tailored to your interests. With Charitos Travel, every detail is handled with care, from transportation to itinerary planning, allowing you to immerse yourself fully in the wonders of Corfu.

For an unforgettable journey through Corfu’s enchanting landscapes, rich history, and vibrant culture, trust Charitos Travel to curate your perfect island adventure. Embark on this exclusive journey and create memories that will last a lifetime. Visit us at CharitosTravel.gr for more information and to begin planning your dream Corfu tour.


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6 Hours



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Enchanting Corfu Tour: A Tailored Journey of Discovery | Charitos Travel Corfu Private Tours
Harry M.

Amazing Tour

The Enchanting Corfu Tour with Charitos Travel was a true highlight of our vacation. Our guide provided in-depth stories and insights, making historical sites like the Achilleion Palace come alive. The itinerary was meticulously planned, ensuring we experienced both well-known and hidden gems of the island. Transportation was seamless and comfortable, which made traveling between sites a breeze. While the tour is a bit of a splurge, the unique experiences and flawless service provided excellent value. I'd recommend this tour to anyone looking for an intimate and comprehensive exploration of Corfu.
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Enchanting Corfu Tour: A Tailored Journey of Discovery | Charitos Travel Corfu Private Tours
Gilbert M. Ortiz

A Journey to Remember

Our private tour of Corfu with Charitos Travel was nothing short of enchanting. From the stunning views at Cape Drastis to the historic marvels of Corfu Old Town, each location was a delight. The personalized itinerary perfectly catered to our interests, making every moment feel special. Our guide was exceptionally knowledgeable and passionate about sharing the local culture. Although transportation was mostly excellent, a minor delay was swiftly handled, showing great service and organization. This tour was definitely worth the investment, offering a unique and memorable experience. Highly recommend for anyone wanting a bespoke discovery of Corfu's treasures!
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From: €290,00
4.7 (2 Reviews)
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Enchanting Corfu Tour: A Tailored Journey of Discovery | Charitos Travel Corfu Private Tours


Our company, Charitos Tourist Enterprises S.A., first established in 1978,enjoys a number of years of experience and expertise in the tourism & travel industry and ranks amongst the leading local agencies in Corfu. A position achieved through our faithful commitment of offering top quality service with a personal touch and a smile.

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