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Wedding Services in Corfu.

We are pleased to help you plan your dream wedding in Corfu!
With us, you will have real step-by-step guidance and assistance throughout your wedding’s planning process,
as well as benefit from our personal organizational skills, to ensure your special day will be perfect!
We take all the effort out of your hands and leave you with pleasure!
We cooperate with the best local suppliers and specialists, to ensure to you the best of service,
including, wedding photographers, videographers, musicians, organists, florists, caterers, restaurants, patisseries,
luxury chauffeured cars, horse-drawn carriages; you name it, we have it.

We also enjoy the valuable support of our esteemed local travel agency, CHARITOS TRAVEL S.A.
awarding us the possibility to offer our clients the best of accommodation, catering and transport services on the island.

Secular Wedding Blessing Ceremonies

Secular wedding blessing ceremonies are the most popular worldwide;
this type of ceremony is very personalized, emotional, and romantic.
The ceremony is custom made to the couple’s preferences, whilst it can be held at beautiful
romantic settings of their choice, provided of course these locations offer serene surroundings and allow for the needs
of the ceremony and the attending guests.
This type of ceremony is conducted by a professional, trained Wedding Officiate/Celebrant.
It is a secular ceremony, hence it applies to all religions and beliefs, as it makes no religious references,
but instead focuses on the attributes of love and the union of two people in love.
It can feature any/all of the traditional wedding rituals -since in their majority they are of pagan origin – as per the couple’s preferences;
like the exchange of personalized wedding vows, the exchange of wedding rings, the sharing of wine from a single glass,
the tying of the knot (binding couples’ joined hands with a silk white ribbon), the exchange of wedding crowns, the lighting of the unity candle.

NOTE: Couples should be aware that this type of ceremony is still not officially recognized by Greek Law as legally valid and binding on its own accord (it enjoys the same status as Anglican Church wedding ceremonies). Therefore, couples have to be previously legally married in their home country or in the local town hall in Corfu (we arrange for a simple wedding certificate signature) for their union to be legally valid.

Church Wedding Ceremonies in Corfu

Church Wedding ceremonies are fully recognized by the Greek/European Law.
In Corfu, these can be held at any/most of the local historic churches in Corfu (“consecrated grounds”),
depending on the couple’s faith (Orthodox or Catholic Christians), their preference of a church, and of course,
the availability of the particular wedding date with the specific church. We will help you make the right choice;
thankfully, there are numerous churches to choose from, most of the historical buildings dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries,
some particularly beautiful and charming, like the Ypapanti Church (17th cent) in Kommeno (for Orthodox weddings) and the DUOMO Cathedral (17th cent)
in the historic center of Corfu town-UNESCO (for Catholic weddings).

Orthodox Church Weddings:

Orthodox weddings are only available to couples who have been baptized in the Orthodox Faith, or to couples where one is Orthodox and the other Catholic.
In some cases, they are allowed for couples where one of the interested parties is not baptized in the Orthodox, but in other Christian faith,
in which case we need to check with the Church Authorities especially for you.
Orthodox church weddings are conducted in GREEK (ancient Greek in fact, as per the Orthodox Gospel Books), but at the end of the ceremony the priest gives a short
speech explaining to the couple and their guests the rituals and symbolism of the ceremony (we translate into English for your benefit in the process).
Two (2) witnesses are required. Witnesses have to be over 18 years of age and need to have their passport or ID with them on the day.

Catholic Church Weddings.

Catholic weddings are available to couples who have been baptized in the Catholic Faith (or where one of the parties has been baptized in the Catholic and the other in the Orthodox faith).
Catholic wedding ceremonies can be conducted in Greek, English, Italian, or, in Latin.
The “Bridal March” or the “Wedding March” can be played (by the organist) as the bride makes her entrance into the Church and walks up to the altar.
The “Wedding March” or the “Ave Maria” can be played (by the organist) as the couple makes their exit at the end of the ceremony.
The couple also has the option to have one or two reading/s of their choice read by one of their family/friends during the ceremony.
They can also choose their hymns, provided they will be singing them themselves, in which case, you will have to provide us with the relevant musical sheets for
the organist to perform them during the ceremony.
Two (2) witnesses are required. Witnesses have to be over 18 years of age and need to have their passport or ID with them on the day.

Wedding Reception & Events Planning Services.

Our specialist team will be pleased to assist you with all your local wedding events’ planning.
Depending on your preferences, we have selected venues to recommend to you, for your rehearsal dinner, wedding reception, wedding dinner, whose location, character, appeal, ambiance, and service will surely justify them for being our and your top choice.

You can choose amongst:

The Royal Palace Gardens by the sea
Sailing Club restaurant inside the UNESCO World Heritage Old Venetian Fort
Romantic seaside rustic tavernas
Trendy beach bar restaurants
Elegant restaurants
As well as, professional caterers for private events at your holiday villas

Specialist Extra Weddings Services
We can also offer you a variety of extras for you to tailor-make the wedding of your dreams, like:

Transport Services: Busses for your guests’ transport, Deluxe wedding cars & Horse-drawn carriages
Unique tailor-made wedding cakes
Flower bouquets, decorations & displays
Professional wedding photography services
Professional wedding videography services
Firework displays for the perfect ending of your reception
Hairdressing & Bridal Make up services

My expertise and experience are at your service.
I take great pride in personally supervising all our couple’s and guest’s arrangements with us and guarantee your professional personalized service.
My team and I are looking forward to working with you on your dream wedding!

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